In 1987 Karoline was born in Volda, in the norwegian westcoast between fjords and mountains. She discovered a love for circus and performing arts in 2006 in Fjordane Folkehøgskole in Nordfjoreid in Norway. After a year at Fjordane she saved up money, working as a mail delivery in Oslo and in 2008 she went to AFUK (The academy of untamed creativity) in Copenhagen where she spent 3 years studying circus arts.

In 2011 after her years at AFUK, she created a show called «Bastard» together with the norwegian company Circus Xanti and the director Sverre Waage. It is a solo show for children performed in probably the smallest circustent in the world with an aerial rigg, where words and text are merging with circus. It has been played over 200 times in different languages in Norway, Iceland, Portugal, France, Finland, Madagaskar and is still playing.

The same aughtum in 2011 she went to DOCH (The universety for dance and circus) in Stockholm. She graduated in 2014 with a spescialization in rope.

During her education at DOCH she went to work with Circus Xanti in the summers creating and playing the show «Pluto Crazy» together with Circus Xanti and the finnish group Circus Aikamoinen.

After she graduated she funded the danish company, Tanter, together with Moa Asklöf Prescott and Elise Bjerkelund Reine. During 2014 – 2015 they created the show «Vixen», a show aiming to be a female exploting explotion, mixing circus, theatre and spoken words. The show has been playing in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic and England.

In 2014 she also created the show «Red Fever Tree» together with Circus Xanti, Sverre Waage, Gaby Saranouffy and Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells. A show about trees, mixing myths from Madagaskar and Scandinavia.

In the beginning of 2016 she went through the norwegian organization «Fredskorpset» together with Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells to Nairobi in Kenya, where they spent 3,5 months training, teaching and exchanging knowledge together with a local proffessional acrobatic group called Sarakasi.

Later in 2016 she created a show together with Det Lille Mekaniske Loppesirkuset, and director Rudi Skotheim Jensen, called «Elven og Havet». It is a large scale family show about myths and fantasies from the sea. The show has even played in a site specific version, merged into an abandoned boat mechanic factory.

During 2015-2017 she founded the project Foot in Face together with Mari Dahl Stoknes and Love Kjellsson. A project researching and developing the arts of knotting, climbing, traditional music, hair hanging and how to echo the scandinavian landscape in a performance. There she also learned the ancient tecnique of hair-suspension. The project has been to Barcelona, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Berlin, and is still going on.

In 2016 she took a course in STDH (the dramatic university) in Stockholm. Art meeting landscape. It was a meeting between landscape architects and performers. There she developed the idea of the performance «Knekke Greine». A site specific, interactive performance, guiding the audience into the forest. In 2017 she gathered the group of the circus performers Mira Leonard, Esmeralda Nikolajeff, and the musician Love Kjellsson, and together they created the performance and premiered it in February 2017.

In the summer 2017 she created the performance Kinema, with Circo Aero and the director Maksim Komaro. Video projections by Kalle Nio, music by Tomppi, performers Onni Toivonnen, Vellu Matti, Karina Saarela, Lisa Angberg and Karoline. The show is co-produced in Riksteatren and is touring sweden October 2017.

In 2018 her plan is to create a show and tour with a big circustent with Circus I Love You, a group consisting of the artists Sade Kampiila, Oskar Rask, Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg, Julien Auger, Benoit Fauchier and Andil Dahl.